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Concert & Talks with Klangforum Wien

Huge shadows lie over the many scenes of new music in the area of the former Soviet Union, which is currently once again the scene of violent geopolitical conflicts. The lively exchange of important composers and performers between Tbilisi and Minsk, Yerevan and Moscow, Tashkent and Kyiv has come to a standstill and dialogue has come to a standstill. Music is once again in danger of being reduced to national self-assertion and a propaganda shield of supposed superiority.

With the multi-part concert and discourse project “THE TOWER OF BABEL”, the Klangforum Wien is designing a program that brings together uncompromising artistic positions from Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine.

Alternating between concert and conversation, the project explores what is new in the music of today's post-Soviet societies. The project is intended to stand out like a “Tower of Babel” from this currently so battered cultural landscape: polyphonic, still utopian and shining as both a refuge and a vantage point.

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Additional information
The VOICES Festival is a project of CLSX. CLSX is an initiative of Karsten Witt Music Management.


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7 pm – Concert Part 1(45 Min)Alexey Sysoev: „Col Pugno“Age Veeroos: „ich sehe Federn wachsen im Sand der Wüsten“Jamilia Jazylbekova: „Les illusions de l`âme“


7.45 pm – „Unheard Voices“ Panel 1(30 Min)


8.30 pm – Concert Part 2(45 Min)Anna Korsun: „UCHT“Asia Ahmetjanova: „Beth“Aram Hovhannisyan: „Strophes-Segments“


9.15 pm – „United or divided“ Panel 2(30 Min)


10 pm – Concert Part 3(45 Min)Dariya Maminova: „I don't know whether the Earth is spinning or not...“Valery Voronov: „Gigantomania für Tamtam solo“Alexander Khubeev: „The Codex of Thoughtcrimes“

→ The complete programme at Radialsystem
Participating artists
Klangforum Wien, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart (Mit)
Peter Rundel, Vitali Aleksenook (Dirigat)
Dariya Maminova (Stimme)
Markus Deuter (Oboe)
Michele Marelli (Klarinette)
Anders Nyqvist (Trompete)
Krassimir Sterev (Akkordeon)
Björn Wilker (Schlagwerk)