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Mit Effi & Amir, Brandon LaBelle, Sunny Pfalzer mit Lau Lukkarila und Slim Soledad, Public Movement, Netta Weiser mit Mădălina Dan und Agata Siniarska

Voice Over #2 is a one-day performative gathering, staged in the off- spaces of KW Institute for Contemporary Art in the interim period between exhibitions. Within these intimate spaces, where public and private intermingle, the artists act as both guests and hosts, stretching the infrastructure of the institution towards its relational, participatory and performative potentialities.

Voice Over examines how speech and movement are curtailed to categorizes identity, simultaneously discussing how they could become subversive and infiltrate borders. These borders are part of a system of silencing, aiming to control the voices that do not adhere to dichotomic perceptions of “us” versus “them.”

In Voice Over #2, the performances, workshops, screenings and talks explore forms of vocal and choreographic identification and resistance. Turning their ears towards the relationship of speech, silence and body language, they embody the tension and struggle between objectification and subjectivity, as well as between the emotional and the lingual; they speak choreography, cry over politics, laugh in the face of history and crawl into the future.

Curator: Maayan Sheleff
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Booking: Free of charge, registration is required for some parts of the program