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We learn about special flavors of plants and also go into some of the many ingredients and their effects. How do I prepare vinegar, oils and tinctures. What do I have to keep in mind and which plants are excellent to use for this purpose. On a tour through the garden of the School Environment Center we will learn about different herbs.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Essig, Öl und Tinkturen - Wildkräuter im Sommer verarbeiten
© Sybille Bach

We will collect herbs to make our own tasty herb oil, a spicy or healing herb vinegar and a useful tincture. We will make all these products to enjoy in our own kitchen or to use as a home remedy.

Language: German

  • Recipes and the necessary material are included in the course fee of € 20,00 per person.
  • Registration is absolutely necessary: either directly at, by e-mail to or by phone at 0173 3121205.
  • Participation fee for children up to 10 years € 10.00.
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