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This search for traces begins at the cemetery of the March Fallen, which lies enraptured and hidden in the thicket of oblivion.

Märchenbrunnen in Friedrichshain
Märchenbrunnen in Friedrichshain CROSS ROADS - Berlin mit anderen Augen

The Volkspark Friedrichshain was Berlin's first municipal park, designed by Peter Joseph Lenné. The construction of the flak towers during World War II and the subsequent air raids almost completely destroyed the park. The ruins of the two high bunkers, which were filled in and covered over with building rubble, created mountains of rubble that were planted with greenery in the course of the park's renewal.

The impressive fairy tale fountain in the Volkspark is one of the most beautiful fountains in Berlin. The ten groups of figures depict fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. In GDR times, the Fairy Tale Fountain became a meeting place for the homosexual scene, which was legal but under surveillance.

  • City guide: KD Lorenz Ehmke
  • Meeting point: Platz der Vereinten Nationen, entrance Volkspark Friedrichshain at the kiosk
  • Cost: 12 €
  • Aimed at: Adults
(Program in German)
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Platz der Vereinten Nationen, Eingang Volkspark Friedrichshain am Kiosk