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Mosso Art

An evening that carries through the physical and psychological culture of humanity.

Szene aus VI.BRATIONS & Guest
Szene aus VI.BRATIONS & Guest © @MossoArt

VI.BRATIONS – a Work in progress

In 'Vi.bration' we explore the body as a collection of forces and what happens when we commit as a collective to states of instability. In this immersive sound and movement ritual we invite you to feel what resonates? From chemical hormones, to industrial noise, what reverberates through you? what frequencies spread and what emotions permeate through and beyond your skin? Come prepared to be rocked, like the sea, as we aim to discover from within; a new sense of centre.
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Concept, Choreografie Rosalind Holgate Smith, Katja Keya Richter Sound, Music Kiki Marti and Guests


supported by DisTanzSolo
Schoko-Laden Mitte - Berlin
Schoko-Laden Mitte - Berlin