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Works by Franz Schubert, Edvard Grieg and Paul Hindemith

This program confronts the tension between romanticism and new objectivity. Both eras try to confront times of crisis - on the one hand, strongly related to a more personally felt longing, and on the other hand, aimed at an apparent social crisis.

Franz Schubert and Edvard Grieg form the bracket of an era, both formally and chronologically. In keeping with the romantic idea, what is actually present is enveloped in a magical, ambiguous light. In contrast, there is the distanced observation of the event, far from any embellishment - the music of the New Objectivity, whose protagonist is Paul Hindemith: unsentimental, sober, structured and concise - spurning anything expressive in order to be full of expression.

DUO DOPICO – Nora Scheidig. Violin – Cristina Alles Dopico. Piano

Their great passion for chamber music brought Nora Scheidig and Cristina Allés Dopico together - so the internationally award-winning artists made their joint debut as Duo Dopico in 2016. Her first CD, Works by Schumann, Turina & Falla, was released in 2021 and was nominated for the OPUS Klassik in three categories. Look forward to a concert characterized by energetic happiness and touching melancholy.

Intercultural and interreligious commonality, juxtaposition of art and heterogeneous realities of life, the shared experience of something unique for everyone: that is the core idea of this series and this concert.

Admission: free - donations requested
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