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Michl Müller, known from the TV ratings racers "Fastnachtin Franken" and "Drei. Two. One. Michl Müller", is going on tour with his new program "Verrückt nach Müller" from March 2021. Look forward to a rousing, authentic evening of the Franconian total work of art, which once again passionately moves between cabaret and comedy.

From small everyday stories to big politics, sometimes as a fun maker, sometimes as a cabaret artist, the natural talent will not stop at any topic and the punch lines will bubble up unerringly.

And when the self-proclaimed "Dreggsagg" (Franconian for "rascal") from the Rhön, then also sings his wonderfully quirky songs, there is no stopping him. A crazy program, in a crazy time: After this program you are also totally crazy: Crazy for Müller!

(Program in German)
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