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Drawings, linocuts & collages

Drawings, linocut "I bring from Brittany a lively and varied work that emerges in the fixed rhythm of the tides. Through drawing, painting and writing, I try to feel the paradoxes and try to express fragment by fragment our humanity, our humanity, our togetherness. My nomadic art allows me to connect with people directly on the ground, and this exchange is directly part of the artistic process."

GRAFIK AUSSTELLUNG © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

"From space, the Earth is a blue planet. Seen from space, the Earth is a planet of whales" - This quote is not mine, but it fits very well with the question of my graphic work."

Anne RMH was born near sea water. She was trained in the art studio of Claudine Huza-Maréchal in Munich. Linocut has learned the with the visual artist Sandra Schmidt fragments in Berlin.e & collages
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