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With this exhibition, illustrators and paper engineers bring to life the colorful and moving universe of the circus, which is wonderfully suitable for translation into volumes. The exhibition features a collection of over fifty pop-up books related to the circus from the 19th century to the present day, but also a virtual museum with photos and videos of the books on display, as well as an Ombro cinema game with enlargements of the works "Pyjamarama" by Michael Leblond and "Poemotion" by Takahiro Kurashima.

Institut francais von außen
Institut francais von außen © visitBerlin, Foto Thomas Kierok

A continuous projection of the documentary film "La face cachée du Pop-up" by Jean-Marc Desrosiers and Olivier Cossu provides a wealth of information about pop-up books.
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Französisches Kulturinstitut - Institut Français Berlin