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A Story of War and Peace by Korean and international Artists

The exhibition UTOPIA?!PEACE focuses on intercultural and artistic exchange between people of different nations. It was conceived by the freelance artist and curator Frédéric Krauke from Berlin. Since 2013, Krauke has repeatedly worked in South Korea as a performance artist, action artist and exhibitor.

For this project he was inspired by the South Korean artist and curator Jooman Cha. Cha has participated in numerous exhibitions on partition, peace and reunification in the Korean peninsula where North and South face each other as a planner, director and artist. Jooman Cha has been leading the DMZ Festival for ten years and is the head of the artist group "Artist Opening Door to Peace and Reunification".

Both act as both curators and artists for UTOPIA?!PEACE. Krauke and his team (Jens Arndt / co-curator, freybeuter Manufaktur / Björn Gripinski / exhibition design and Sunkyoung Jung / project coordination) are responsible for the design and implementation of the exhibition in Berlin.


Nothing has shaped Germany as much in the last three decades as the fall of the Berlin Wall. The peaceful revolution stands as a positive example of common will and the reunification of a people who were politically divided after the Second World War. While German reunification was achieved after only 40 years, North and South Korea are still in a kind of "Cold War status" even after 78 years, even though a ceasefire was agreed 70 years ago. This division is symbolized by the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), which scars 150 miles across the peninsula.

In view of this existing division of Korea and taking into account the traces of the earlier division of Germany as well as the effects of a reunification as a result of the global political upheavals of the 1990s, the 18 Korean and international artists of UTOPIA?!PEACE enable very personal and poetic insights into their feelings and experiences. In doing so, they establish a connection to the current and fundamental effects of these developments on people in Europe and around the world.


12 Korean artists

  • Seungtaek Lee 이승택 Installation on a Wall
  • Geonyong Lee 이건용 Painting
  • Taeho Lee 이태호 woodcut
  • Geunbyeong Yook 육근병 Video
  • Jaehong Kim 김재홍 Painting
  • Jooman Cha 차주만 Installation + Painting
  • Sekwon Ahn 안세권 photograph
  • Hyunsook Hong Lee 홍이현숙 Video
  • Maelee Lee 이매리 Painting
  • Hyejeong Kang 강혜정 Painting
  • Hyeonjeong Lee 이현정 Installation + Painting
  • Soonmi Oh 오순미 Installation
  • Six international artists
  • Frederic Krauke installation
  • Amy J Klement Video, Performance
  • Zabo Chabiland radiography
  • Jenny Alten installation
  • Günther Schaefer Objects
  • Mathieu Sylvestre sound installation

Frédéric Krauke (Germany), Jooman Cha (Korea)
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