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The Spreepark offers a variety of landscape types in a comparably small area. The resulting diverse habitats provide a suitable habitat for an diverse community of animals and plants. The area's recent history as wasteland is particularly noteworthy in this regard.

In an urban ecology excursion, the natural recolonization of such an area and the underlying biological concepts will be vividly explained using various examples.

The focus will be on the uniqueness of the area within the Berlin urban area.

Furthermore, in the context of the natural recolonization of areas, generalists such as the fox will be contrasted with special pioneer species. As a third dimension of such a complex process, the problems and opportunities caused by immigrant species such as black locust and raccoon will be addressed.

The biologists Korbinian Pacher and Frederic Griesbaum work as freelance guides in Berlin's urban nature. Their main focus is on zoology, botany and ecology.

A special focus of the programs is always the mediation of biological contexts in a broader framework, which should enable the participants to independently classify what they have learned beyond the end of the event.

Through this approach, which goes beyond the mere transmission of technical knowledge, the two lecturers will pass on to the participants part of their enthusiasm for the environment surrounding us and the mechanisms at work within it.

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