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A Junges DT production

Sex. The universe and everything. Depression. Fashion. The virus. A lot of stuff. Your gay uncle. Her alcohol consumption. Grandma’s seizures. Grandpa’s rants. STDs. Really important stuff. His new wife. Her new wife. Fridays for Future. Inheritance. Hereditary diseases. Unemployment. Your dead brother. Contraception. Not getting it up. Body mass index. Her miscarriage. Friedrich Merz. Call of Duty . Feminism. His suicide attempt.

Unspoken © Arno Declair

Many things aren’t talked about with parents. Countless dialogues have never taken place. This musical performance has been created out of the group’s research into their families’ histories, featuring the unspeakable, the unspoken and the unforgettable. All the unasked questions and imaginary conversations are sung, danced and performed.

Kamilė Gudmonaitė is recognised as one of Lithuania’s most promising directors. Her production "Trans Trans Trance" was invited to the DT’s 2018 RADAR OST (Eastern Radar) festival. Gudmonaitė then devised the performance piece "Things we couldn't forget" with young participants at the DT Spring Camp in 2019.

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Additional information
A docu-operaDirector: Kamilė Gudmonaitė
Participating artists
Kamilė Gudmonaitė (Regie)
Barbora Šulniūtė (Ausstattung)
Dominykas Digimas (Komposition)
Undine Unger (Chorleitung)
Christiane Lehmann (Dramaturgie)
Ananda Luna Cruz Grünbauer
Jurek Lane Mio Südhoff
Marie Albrecht
Pauline Malkowski
Lenius Jung
Sidney Fahlisch
Flo Rieder
Kerem Demiray
Christine Malkowski (Im Video)
Michaela Albrecht (Im Video)
Julio Cruz (Im Video)
Ralf Südhoff (Im Video)
Tolga Demiray (Im Video)
Manuela Fahlisch (Im Video)
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