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Katrien Baerts, Nicolas Hodges

A radical, uncompromising composer whose importance for the French avant-garde is still underestimated: Jean Barraqué (1928–1973). Barraqué left behind just half a dozen works as his authorized oeuvre. It wasn't until 2009 that an extensive early work was discovered by chance.

Many of these early works were premiered and premiered at Ultraschall Berlin 2012. A good decade later, this journey of discovery has now come to its conclusion: with two song cycles that oscillate between impressionism and avant-garde, and further piano pieces newly discovered in 2012.

The center of the concert is the cantata “La nostalgie d’Arabella”, written for an exceptional cast. Boldly oscillating between very different moods, it is the young Barraqué's masterpiece based on a humorous text by Maurice Beerblock.

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Additional information
„Ultraschall Berlin“ ist an event by rbbKultur and Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Media partners: Exberliner, Rausgegangen, tip Berlin, taz. die tageszeitung.

Transkription des Vorspiels zum III. Aufzug von Tristan und Isolde (1949) 7‘ für Klavier

La Nostalgie d’Arabella (1949) 7’ für Mezzosopran, Trompete, Schlagzeug und Klavier

Adoro te für Mezzosopran und Orgel/Kla-vier

Mélodies de jeunesse (1948-1950) 15‘ für Sopran und Klavier

Mouvement lent (1947) 10’ für Klavier

Trois Mélodies (1950) 15‘ für Mezzosopran und Klavier
Participating artists
Katrien Baerts (Sopran)
Nina Tarandek (Mezzosopran)
Nicolas Hodges (Klavier)
Paul Hübner (Trompete)
N.N. (Schlagzeug)