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Two gentlemen find to their surprise two woolen caps, which they curiously put on their heads. What begins now is surprising, inspiring and virtuosic. Some also think it is insane. For under the caps, the two suits now begin to be Ulan & Bator, suffused with fantasy.  Without interludes, effects and props they jump from one role to the next.

Ulan & Bator
Ulan & Bator © Enrico Meyer

Also in your new program ZUKUNST pearls from the colorful knitted hats of Ulan & Bator again crazy ideas: be it Pina Bausch-dancing factory workers, a mutant cheese that demands the right to stay, political acapella minisongs, obscure encounters between Breaking Bad nerds or two obscure neighbors what others can not even put into words, is simply played by these two quite differently knitted cabaret artists in insane new scenes.

(Program in German)

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ufaFabrik: Varieté Salon
ufaFabrik: Varieté Salon