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Sometimes it is then also a horror with clever computers. For example, autocorrect turned the wonderful title "Zukunst" (Future Art) by the two equally wonderful artists Ulan + Bator into "Zukunft" (Future).

But somehow the artificial intelligence was on the right track: After all, the two "Frank Zappas among the Van Goghs of bobbin lace falconry" (Ulan + Bator about Ulan + Bator) are always very far ahead on the wide field of cultivated evening entertainment. This is proven not only by their royally bizarre and hilariously absurd work on stage, but also by the choice of their knitted hats, with which they even show Icelandic backyard hipsters a long nose in terms of fashion.

Ulan + Bator are Sebastian Rüger and Frank Smilgies and vice versa. Who is Bator and who is Ulan is still not clear. Is also unimportant. What is important is that they once met at the Folkwang School and decided to make common artistic cause and prepare clever evenings in theaters.

Look forward to a play without borders, look forward to "Krazy Kabarett", look forward to an artistic Friday for Future with Ulan + Bator, which is about nothing less than the "art of the future"!

(Program in German)

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