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With the well-known hit "She's A Beauty", The Tubes rose rapidly to the top of the charts at the end of the 70s. Their trademark - extravagant stage shows!

But everything from the beginning: The Tubes formed from a group of school friends from the beautiful Phoenix in Arizona. At that time the groups "the beans and the red" and "the red, white and blues" already existed. By moving to Los Angeles, the two bands merged to form The Tubes.

The musical head was Bill Spooner, who also wrote the songs. With Michael Cotten and Prairie Prince he staged the extraordinary stage shows. Fee Waybill is one of the main founders, who also does the vocals for the group. He created a stage character for each song and rocked the stage in countless disguises. For example, to "Smoke", dancing cigarettes were used and the group itself wore costumes reminiscent of clowns.

The Tubes produced their first eponymous album in 1975 with Al Kooper for A&M Records. The song on it, "White Punks On Dope," later turned out to be The Tubes' best-known song in the German-speaking world. Especially through the cover version by Nina Hagen in 1987, the song gained renewed attention. Hits like "Young & Rich", "Don't Touch Me There", "Now" and "What Do You Want From Life" with the album "Remote Control" quickly gained notoriety.

However, the elaborate and costly stage shows became their undoing and the group experienced financial difficulties. After switching studios to Capitol Records, The Tubes ventured onto the stage as a rock band, rather than a show band. There was hardly anything left of the image of the long-haired, wild band; instead, they now performed as well-groomed businessmen.

With the new label and David Foster as producer, the group created the most successful, radio-friendly album at that time. The power ballad "Don't Want To Wait Anymore" hit #1 in 17 countries. "David had just produced Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind & Fire and we loved that album," Fee says of the approach.

After all these years, The Tubes are now touring Germany with their 6th and best selling album "Outside Inside". Don't miss live performances of classics like "Mondo Bondage", "What Do You Want From Life", "Out Of The Business" and "Talk To Ya Later"!
Longtime member Fee Waybill is looking forward to seeing you and believes The Tubes are a much better band today than they have ever been before!

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