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Program of MARGA Bach

„Manchma isset eben besser, anjeschwipst durch die vorfreudige Zeit zu taumeln .....“ MARGA Bach - Berlin cabaret artist and singer - heralds the time of the surprises. She creates pralinees of voice and humor, spicing up the time of joyful anticipation.

Truthahn mit Whisky
Truthahn mit Whisky © Jean Molitor

The Bach puts gloss numbers from her solo programs for her under the gift table and illuminates Christmas before and behind the Christmas tree. Also fairy-tale about a special "snow blower" is there. Just the best for a party - this is what their audience wants and MARGA makes it a gift in "funny" packaging material. Caution: Kecke heckling (r) will burn spontaneously.

(Program in German)

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