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PANDAjazz Kulturbrauerei

PANDAjazz in the Kulturbrauerei invites you to the fourth edition of the Jazz & Experimental in Berlin Festival with FIELD, EVI FILIPPOU (SOLO) and SAGONAUTI (Hommage to Tristan Honsinger).

Set 1


Uli Kempendorff – tenor sax, clarinet
Christopher Dell – vibraphone
Jonas Westergaard – double bass
Peter Bruun – drums

Set 2


Evi Filippou – vibraphone, marimba

Set 3

SAGONAUTI (Hommage to Tristan Honsinger)

Paolo Pascalo – flute
Gabriele Cancelli – cornet
Giorgio Pacoric – piano
Žiga Ipavec – drums

“Jazz &Experimental in Berlin” is a concert series conceived as a further incarnation of the Berlin-based record label “Trouble in the East Records” that reaches its seventh edition this year.

It consists of four evenings of music, each one fully showcasing our aesthetic guiding principles that provide for the ubiquitous presence of creativity and improvisation as common elements of musical realities stylistically diverse.

Special attention is given to the bands featured in the label’s latest releases as well as to musicians and groups from the Berlin creative music scene.

However, this year too there will be a representation of musicians who, although not residing in Berlin, are strongly linked to the city, completing a very interesting program under the banner of multiplicity and inclusion.

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