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Percussion school of the ufaFabrik

The percussion school in the ufaFabrik has existed since 1988 and looks back on a long tradition. Bands such as Terra Brasilis, Tebras and Pinimba were formed here. Important international teachers such as Famodou Konjate, Mamadi Keita, Dudu Tucci, Mestre Memeu - Olodum, Mestre Marivaldo Paim - Ile Ayé, Maracatu Nacao Pernambucu, have helped shape the work of the school.

Symbolbild Musik
Symbolbild Musik © visitBerlin, Illustration Jim Avignon

The evening offers the opportunity to experience the ufaFabrik percussion school vividly, audibly and danceably. 

Brazilian and African Percussion

Fun with rhythm is guaranteed for audience and performers.

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