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Oratorio after G.F. Handel

Oper Oder Spree presents: THE TRIUMPH OF TIME AND TRUTH. The pursuit of imperishable beauty is at the heart of G.F. Handel (1685-1759).

Between time and truth, as well as beauty, deceit and pleasure, there is a competition for the true content and true beauty of life. Even if the title clarifies the outcome of this competition, the question remains whether beauty must succumb to time. Handel's music gives each individual allegory a deep humanity and allows characters to emerge in pictorial intimacy.

With the planned performances in the church rooms, a circle closes in that the work, produced by the Stift Neuzelle Foundation in 2022, is “brought back” from the stage to the place where the oratorio genre originated.

  • Director: Prof. Lars Franke
  • Musical direction: Bettina Rohrbeck
  • Orchestra: Capella Vitalis Berlin
  • Equipment: Frauke Bischinger
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