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installative-performative concert

In trip|p|per, video installation, contemporary improvised and composed music and jazz interact like at a funfair; and has a integrated time-shift as a conférencier guides through the event.

 The cooperation project of germanwide active improvisation musicians and interpreters of contemporary music with video art and physical theater emerged from a research project by the Stuttgart based Drei Orangen Kollektiv, the Essen based group MOMENT and Berlin musicians. Videos, sound and performance tell stories from Hollywood and Wedding, from Greek mythology and mythical creatures that the U8 houses: heroines and heroes, sorted by function and yet presented as a collage inspired by the work of Jean Tinguely.

All similar in the music, with inspirations by works of S. Nemtsov, M. Feldman, B. Ferneyhough, and C. Mingus it paves its way into sound art worlds. - The group still calls it music theatre.
Additional information
Bass clarinet: Florian Bergmann

Piano: Neus Estarellas

Double bass: Daniela Petry

Trombone: Tilman Schaal

Video art: Maximilian Luz/ Philipp Kaiser

Physical theatre: Francesco Matejcek


Funding: Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft NRW, Jazzverband BW, Labor519 gem.V.