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Everywhere hits with seasonal references from here and overseas - with new bows tied around them

Triple Trouble draws a singing, sounding line under the year with Christmas sitting down. The concerts are characterized by an amusing, cheeky touch of parody on pompous Christmas carol pathos. They don't take themselves too seriously, which doesn't detract from the musical perfection. Quite nonchalantly the solemn seriousness of the pre-Christmas period is undermined.

Triple Trouble
Triple Trouble Triple Trouble

Completely new bows are tied around the hits with seasonal reference from here and overseas, which can be heard everywhere.

The three full-blooded musicians amaze with skill, seduce with wit and captivate with taste. Well-known Christmas songs in unheard-of garb will soon secure the trio a place in the "Guinness Book of Contemplation" ... an exceedingly charming and peculiar musical virtuosity.

Charming Christmas songs played by Triple Trouble:

  • Matthias Peuker: drumsonite, vocals, washboard
  • Adrian Röbisch: vocals, guitar
  • Marie Klein: sousaphone, trumpet, vocals
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