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The Transformation of Matter Creates Light is Kévin Bray’s most comprehensive immersive installation to date. Set to open at Trauma Bar und Kino on 17 September 2022, the exhibition will showcase the interdisciplinary artist’s latest work— an automated choreography of moving screens that produce large light sculptures in Trauma Bar und Kino’s main space.

Kévin Bray, wooden bas relief with projection, installation view from Wills Wheels Wells solo show at Future Gallery Berlin
Kévin Bray, wooden bas relief with projection, installation view from Wills Wheels Wells solo show at Future Gallery Berlin © Andrea Rosetti

Exhibited here for the first time, Bray’s installation invites us to experience the visual mapping and exploration of technically enhanced human transformations. In this work, the artist and video maker employs a technique he developed as part of a research residency earlier this year in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, which uses different layers to assemble his light sculptures. 

Bray’s works and installations are distinguished through multimedia approaches, particularly the technique of projection / video mapping. It uses a projector to cast light on arbitrarily structured surfaces in a tailored way, whereby video projections seamlessly layer themselves like a new skin to interact mutually on top of our physical reality. In a universe that keeps creating infinitely more complex structures, from atoms and molecules to planets and living creatures, Kévin Bray’s exhibition at Trauma Bar und Kino highlights and celebrates the urge to change and transform ourselves to adapt to our inner and outer surroundings. Alongside this installation will be displayed a site-specific mapping which takes viewers through bright, shape-shifting landscapes and his video Morpher that acts as the spine and living archive of his artistic practice. All sharing the same goal: to create light. 

There was less light in the universe last week than today, and there will be more light in the universe next week than today. (Kévin Bray)
Additional information
Kévin Bray 
The Transformation of Matter Creates Light
17 September – 16 October 2022
Opening: 17 September, 2022, 8 pm – 3 am 
Doors open: 8 pm
Live Performances: Nunguja, DJ Lag, Tati Au Miel 
Trauma Bar und Kino
Heidestraße 50, 10557 Berlin 
Tickets: 15 Euro, 

Opening Hours
The exhibition can be visited every Friday, 5 pm – 9 pm (admission free) and during the accompanying events (with a ticket) as well as by personal appointment—please see the website for exact dates and times: