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Returning to childhood (or never having left it), Jo Kolski cannot choose between two traditionally gendered toys - a dinette and a locomotive. He welcomes his imaginary passengers into the dining car of a transtemporal, pan-European train.

The journey encounters fragments of George Perec, the French author of Judeo-Polish origin. The posthume dialogue raises the question of European memorial legacy - from Shtetl to Triskell.

Körpermaschine is a series of choreographic investigations of industrial society, articulating the body with kinetic sculptures. By inserting playfulness into unexpected contexts, Jo Kolski deconstructs the seriousness of functionalism.

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Supported by the Berliner Senat für Kultur und Gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt. Residencies: Espace Périphérique (Paris), Le Volatil (Toulon), GSE GgmbH (Berlin).

Choreography, Objects, Performance: Jo Kolski

Dramaturgy: Bernardo de Almeida

Sound: Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos

Light: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo