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The multimedia exhibition TOUCH NATURE in the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin is part of an exhibition series that is shown in cultural forums in Europe and the USA.

Austrian and German artists deal with the ecological crisis from different perspectives and, in dialogue with each other, encourage a change of perspective for a new relationship between humans and nature.

Uli Aigner, Sevda Chkoutova, Ines Doujak, Ann Duk Hee Jordan, Michael Endlicher, Peter Hauenschild, Barbara Anna Husar, Marlen Jeleff/Klaus Pichler, Kitty Kino, Hans Kupelwieser, Astrid Lowack, Katharina Meister, Ferdinand Melichar, Monika Pichler, Margot Pilz , PRINZpod, Oliver Ressler, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Martin Schrampf, Marielis Seyler, Paul Spendier, Thomas Stimm, Nives Widauer, Laurent Ziegler/Georg Blaschke.

Curated by Sabine Fellner
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