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Saufsalon von und mit Lydia Haider und vorübergehend ohne Sophia Süßmilch

It happened one day that the damned child did not know what to do with its slovenliness, so it simply curled up and died. Now many children came and drooled and mocked and became mad and kicked the corpse harder and harder with the tips of their shoes and behold the dead child came apart and burst open and ran to pieces and spread out its pus together with juices and all the bruises on the fine footwear of the kickers so that they stood ankle-high in the child's muck and had to wade away.

Volksbühne © visitBerlin, Foto Max Threlfall
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Participating artists
Lydia Haider (Autor/in)
Sophia Süßmilch (Autor/in)
Volksbühne - Roter Salon