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"Snow falling on Ceran" Hello, Sträter here. His third program. Title: "Snow falling on Ceran".

Torsten Sträter
Torsten Sträter © Foto: Guido Schröder

What's the matter? Well, there are epic excursions on morals and mind, as always following a strict thread, a pleasantly compact dosage form, fringed with a few interim remarks at the edges, at the end a deeply inspiring message and point 22:00 I miss the microphone the hand ... QUATSCH.

Come on, seriously now. Do you really want to know this before? But probably not. Life already follows strict rules anyway, whoever wants something, one comes to nothing, one hardly indulges in something - so it is probably the MINIMUM to let an evening off. And we'll do two pretty ones. She and I. You know how it goes with me: I bring very fresh stories, nothing that you know in advance from the TV, and in between, I'll tell you what else was.

A tour of the entire world of idiocy, the insight that nothing is more human than the mishap, strange reports from the edge of the inclined plane, then I fill the evening with descriptions that I can not resist in any case, make the bag towards the end with a very good story too, and if you can still hail, hagelts encores. A serious concept. And I vow to make it very funny. And to amuse myself as much as you do. Sounds a bit crude first. But is relatively overwhelming.

Best regards, Torsten Sträter

(Program in German)

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