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Jessica Ekomane

The work of the composer and computer musician Jessica Ekomane is based on mediating contrasts and questioning cultural and social norms. As part of “Topographies of Hearing,” her work “Bonds” serves as an intervention in public space. It uses the chimes of the Nikolaikirche, in the Tiergarten near the House of World Cultures and the Parochial Church.

While these representative sound landmarks commonly perform the function of announcing the hours of the day and events, the intervention uses them differently: they express the possibility of a different individual and collective perception of time. Ekomane's work provides impulses for personal affects and social dynamics that go beyond the aesthetic experience and trigger a deeper examination of listening habits.

“Topographies of Hearing” is a series of sound installations, concerts and long-term compositions initiated by MaerzMusik that asks questions about immersive listening encounters and their experience beyond concert and performance spaces.

Inspired by the work of Maryanne Amacher, the festival invites Audrey Chen, Hugo Esquinca, Christina Kubisch and Jessica Ekomane to create site-specific sound works in the Library at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele, the Academy of Arts, the SAVVY Contemporary and other locations in Berlin create that deal with acoustic images and scenographies of the ear.

The works examine the relationship between audience and space. Through live concerts and performances organized at spontaneous or predetermined times throughout the festival period, they accompany MaerzMusik both as immersive spaces of listening and as collective experiences that explore the politics of listening in contrast to the Western context of a concert hall or the Put the sterility of exhibition rooms to the test. Physiological limitations – sitting, frontal, contorted – are transformed into new areas of composing and performing music and sound.

How can people make their movements sound? How does space shape human sound? What sonic imprint do human bodies leave behind? And what can sounds that were there before tell about the past, choreograph today and tomorrow.


  • Jessica Ekomane – composer and curator
  • Anna Kasprzycka – carilloneur
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