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British chart-topper Tom Gregory and the equally successful Irish band Picture This are coming to Berlin together. At their concert, the two acts will present their entire range from folky rock to electronic pop to anthemic moments.

Within a few years, Tom Gregory, a promising young musician, has become a serious contender for Ed Sheeran's legacy. At the latest since the two platinum singles "Fingertips" and "Never Let Me Down" from his debut album "Heaven In A World So Cold," the Brit from Blackpool has been one of the stars of pop and electro-oriented songwriting.

It's the story of an underdog who has gone on to rack up hundreds of millions of streams and hit number one on the charts with both the debut record (triple platinum) and its follow-ups, "Mdrn Lv" and "Life in Colour."

With its driving, cinematic style, this music is made for the big stage. Best with a similarly highly talented colleague like Tom Gregory.

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