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Germany's flagship crooner TOM GAEBEL celebrates 15 years live this year together with his orchestra! A great occasion to go on a Germany-wide tour. With his anniversary tour 2022 there will be an evening of superlatives with TOM GAEBEL & HIS ORCHESTRA. The best of the past, the best of today and the best of tomorrow - who wouldn't want to join in the celebration? Stefan Raab is considered to have helped birth the new year 2005 with the then completely unknown young man in tuxedo and bow tie in his New Year's Eve edition of TV TOTAL.

TOM GAEBEL & HIS ORCHESTRA © Mumpi Kuenster Monsterpics

Then everything happened very quickly - 15 exciting and successful years followed with album productions, concert tours and TV shows, with acclaimed performances in front of sold-out houses at home and abroad. An intensive time, which one does not see "Mr. Good Life" however until today.

On the contrary - equipped with an eternally youthful charm, TOM GAEBEL sings and swings his way across the stages more enthusiastically than ever before after 15 years. For his anniversary, the gifted entertainer once again brings out the best of 15 years of successful career. In addition to a sensational stage performance including a large LED curtain and show stairs, the selection of his setlist is large: eight studio albums alone with corresponding tours, Sinatra concerts, the film hits of James Bond and all kinds of curiosities from Elvis to Maya the Bee.

That's why TOM GAEBEL let the people who should know best choose his songs: his fans! They voted and thus helped to shape a large part of the program. The result is a varied mixture of GAEBEL favorites like "It's A Good Life", "Catch Me If You Can" or "The Cat" and the personal favorite songs of his fans. Just in time for the anniversary, there will of course be a brand new album production from the swing charmer - "GAEBEL's Ninth", so to speak, and certainly a piece of finest future music.

And so, on the occasion of his 15th birthday, TOM GAEBEL not only looks at what has been and what is, but is already looking forward, together with his audience, to all that may yet come. A "BEST OF" really can't be more than that!

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