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Often it is just the unusual time of day, the pause for breath that is too long, that very specific tone of voice or simply the sudden start to the conversation that reveals that this call changes everything. Breaking the news of the death of a loved one. A gap opens. Allows time to freeze and nothing afterwards is the same as it was minutes before. The moment in which grief begins, before we can even hear, understand or reject death. Every era becomes a different one.

The performer Tina Pfurr and her companions dedicate five video miniatures to this moment between the notification and the acceptance of the incomprehensible. She follows the five phases of grief along and at the same time against any dramaturgy or logic. Because it needs to be shared. Because it is political. Because she is not alone in this. Because we invite people to do so far too rarely and thus close important spaces between us. Because we have to hear this one song to the end at least once - without her.

A mourner remembers all the valleys she has wandered through in wordless performative still lifes. Representing so many of us. Over and over again through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. In different orders and with ever new depths. Without judgment. The spirits that are called here want and should connect. In sadness. In death. Absolutely in life. In U.S.

Tina Pfurr is a performer, curator and actress. She works in theatre, for film and television and creates her own performances. Together with the set and costume designer Romy Springsguth and the camerawoman and editor Ute Schall, she is opening up a new artistic field in her very personal work with theater-based video-sound essays.

German with English subtitles.
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Eine Produktion von Tina Pfurr | Ballhaus Ost. Gefördert durch die Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa und den Hauptstadtkulturfonds.