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Who wouldn't like to be able to read the minds of his fellow human beings. Welcome to the fascinating world of mentalist Timon Krause. Timon Krause is a professional mind reader, author, speaker, entertainer.2022 he will be on stage with his new live program "Mind Games".

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The audience can expect amazing and almost magical surprise moments, an exciting show with cool everyday hacks around the topic of "Mindreading", as well as entertaining games and striking experiments. Hardly anything radiates such great fascination as the incomprehensible world of mindreading and hypnosis.

Timon Krause wants to share with his audience the fascination around the human mind and demonstrate to them in a playful and at the same time entertaining way the possibilities to influence it. In each "Mind Games" show, the audience learns how reading facial expressions works, how clever manipulation succeeds and that thoughts of a previously unknown person can not only be deciphered but can also influence their behavior.

The charismatic magician ultimately uses only the laws of the human mind and enriches them with his extraordinarily distinctive skills, such as an incredibly fast power of observation, skillful communication and pronounced empathy.

Timon first came into contact with hypnosis at the age of 12, and his enthusiasm for the seemingly supernatural has remained unbroken ever since. This was followed by training in New Zealand, where he was able to learn from the famous mentalist and author Richard Webster.

Since then, he has demonstrated his skills in live performances, as a guest on TV shows, on his internationally successful YouTube channel, as an author, TED speaker or at gala evenings. He published two books, received in 2016 as the youngest award winner ever the award for the best European mentalist and as the first German the title of the legendary Las Vegas show "Penn & Teller: Fool Us".

(Program in German)

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