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Live 2022

Who doesn't wish to be able to read minds for once: Welcome to the fascinating world of mentalist Timon Krause!

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Timon Krause: Mind Games
© Murat Aslan

Timon Krause is a professional mind reader, author, speaker and entertainer. As a place of work, however, the just 27-year-old has chosen not only normal life, but especially the stage, where he inspires a rapidly growing number of fans, among whom are often one or two celebrities.

From 2022, he will be on stage with his brand new live program "Mind Games". His audience can look forward to amazing moments of surprise, an exciting show with many everyday hacks on the subject of "mindreading", as well as entertaining games and striking experiments.

Sometimes he himself becomes part of the performance. The guessing of PIN numbers, daring but surprisingly often accurate predictions or the sophisticated influencing of thoughts are probably the most popular "magic tricks" of the magician.

Each "Mind Games" show can also be understood as a kind of mini-workshop. The audience is shown in a self-experiment how reading facial expressions works, how clever manipulation succeeds and that thoughts of a previously unknown person can not only be deciphered but can also influence his behavior.

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