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The Berlin of the present. Cranes everywhere you look. Diggers sink their teeth into the gold mine. Two prisoners on remand meet in Moabit prison, an old writer and Paul, 22, a roofer. The old man feels called to write Paul's story, which begins on a construction site in the gentrification hotspot on Rigaer Strasse and ends with the violent death of a real estate manager. But he also tells the story of Marie, who makes Paul her toy boy.

That evening, Michael Sollorz talks to his publisher André Förster about his new novel »Zeit der Krane« (Quintus, 2023), about the urban conflicts in it and about possible connections to the author's life.

Michael Sollorz (*1962 in East Berlin), after completing his professional training as a roofer, worked as a tent worker at a circus, as an administrative employee and zoo animal keeper. He has been a freelance writer and journalist since 1985. He has published a dozen books, including Abel and Joe (1994), Die Suitability (2008) and Fifty (2013), in the publishing houses Rosa Winkel and Men's Schwarm.

André Förster (*1973 in Löbau) is a.o. Publisher of Quintus-Verlag and also accompanied »Zeit der Krane« as an editor. After graduating he lived in Göttingen and Glasgow, since 2003 in Berlin.

The reading is an open-air event in the courtyard of the bread factory. If it rains, it will take place in the New Salon.

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