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On Mondays, a newly formed improv troupe rages at the BKA: Chaos Royal serves the audience* inside a theatrical, 100% improvised, à la carte menu of the finest. Everything that comes on stage is determined by the audience: poems, songs, short scenes or whole dramas? More something for the heart or the mind? Or rather something for the laugh muscles?

Chaos Royal
Chaos Royal © Jörn Hartmann

The menu is varied and there is something for every taste. With a good portion of creativity, a full pack of joy of playing and a pinch of madness, the actors* of Chaos Royal prepare an unforgettable entertaining performance, but the most important ingredients are - like in every good impro-show - the ideas, guidelines and inspirations from the audience.

Getting appetite?

With Konstanze Kromer, Jana Kozewa, Beate Fischer, Tobias Wollschläger and Josefine Heidt play and moderate, musically accompanied by Uwe Matschke.

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