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He was one of the world's most famous opera and lieder singers from Germany before he ended his unprecedented career in 2012 after winning three Grammys and seven ECHOs.

Thomas Quasthoff says that at that time his soul no longer wanted to sing. His mother had just died, his brother succumbed to a sudden illness. And Quasthoff's voice failed.

After that, Thomas Quasthoff, the classical music star, reinvented himself: He stayed on stage, did cabaret, recited at readings. But music never left him. Friends introduced him to jazz, which he had always loved. The microphone became his instrument. Despite everything, Quasthoff still sounds like Quasthoff: "I was and always will be a classical singer," he says.

Stars like Dieter Ilg, Wolfgang Haffner, Nils Landgren and Bill Evans became his jazz friends. Then he met Shawn & The Wolf in the shadow of the Matterhorn in Verbier in 2019, and a new friendship was born: singer Quasthoff, trombonist Shawn Grocott and guitarist Wolfgang Meyer are an unusual band that always has to reinvent its jazz arrangements. Being able to accompany them on this varied as well as entertaining quest therefore promises a special as well as unforgettable evening - among friends.

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Thomas Quasthoff (Gesang)
Katharina Thalbach (Gesang)
Anna Mateur (Gesang)
Andreas Gundlach (Am Klavier)