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Where does the human inability to learn from past mistakes come from? In his new program, which bears the title of his audio biography, Thomas Freitag tries to find an answer to this by playing, reading and telling stories.


Studying the past opens up a glimpse into the future. It quickly becomes apparent that the political undesirable developments were recognizable early on. But nothing or too little was done about it. So Thomas Freitag takes stock and at the same time looks ahead.

His quintessence is a very personal one, because he made a significant contribution to the history of German cabaret. He brought four chancellorships to their knees in a parodic manner and when Angela Merkel packs her bags in the chancellery, he's guaranteed to still be on stage. Whether the NATO double-track decision, the fall of the Berlin Wall or 9/11, Thomas Freitag had the right cabaret commentary for everything. With a comedic look and a clear attitude, he also faces up to self-criticism. Because what exactly went wrong when you wanted to prevent Franz-Josef Strauss and ended up having to look Donald Trump in the eye?

BEHIND US THE FUTURE is a fast-paced mix of sharp-tongued news, biographical bon mots and proven numbers. It is his 18th solo program and by far his most personal. And as one of the few in his profession, he still manages to draw hope for tomorrow from his personal experience.

(Program in German)

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