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“She is the daughter of two creatures that fought against silence. Against the silence that keeps the feelings inside like intestines. Against the silence that mutes the dead. But the womb is still fertile from which that silence crawled…”

Third Skin (premiere October 12, 2023) is the title of the new production by German-Spanish choreographer and artist Ana Lessing Menjibar. The performance is a poetic response to the opening of her family history, which illuminates questions of experiences of war and fascism, collective and individual wounds, and stories of political resistance of three generations.

In resonance with this confrontation, as well as reflections on the present, the artist and her team create a fiction in which Ana Lessing Menjibar inhabits and transforms spaces of porosity and resistance in the form of a chimera in constant metamorphosis. Third Skin is an atmospheric cosmos of body, sound, rhythm, language, and sculptural objects in which relationships and states emerge and collapse, while the skin, as a permeable surface, becomes the bearer of markers of time.

In a hybrid space between installation and stage, Ana Lessing Menjibar seeks out choreographic and musical elements from flamenco, deconstructs them, and reassembles them in her specific, transdisciplinary working method with elements from the visual arts, contemporary dance, and electronic music composition.

By experimenting with the (body) knowledge inherent in flamenco and by decoding and recoding (political) movement material, new reference spaces are created in which historically evolved structures, cultural references and a mythological world can be experienced in a multisensory way.

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Additional information
Third Skin, a production by Ana Lessing Menjibar in co-production with tanzhaus nrw. Made possible by funds from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Supported by the Goethe Institut Madrid and the Instituto Cervantes Berlin.

The preceding research project  GROWING Third Skin was supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.


Artistic direction, Choreography, Performance, Composition, Text, Stage: Ana Lessing Menjibar

Dramaturgy and Text: Isabel Gatzke

Composition and Music: Philipp Kullen und Nikola Pieper

Costume: Gesine Försterling Matón

Sculptures: Ana Rajcevic

Light: Elliott Cennetoglu und Joseph Wegmann

Voice coach: Juan Cárdenas

Outside eye: Alberto Cortés und Lina Gómez

Production management: Saskia Schoenmaker

Creative production: Sofie Luckhardt