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Women and their role in art and society continue to be in focus at the Bode Museum. Parallel to the current exhibition "Der zweite Blick: Frauen", a special exhibition by the New York artist Gail Rothschild will be presented from 1 July 2022. Egyptian textiles from the rich collection of the Museum of Byzantine Art are the source of inspiration for her new series of monumental paintings. In juxtaposition with knitted textiles from the 4th-9th centuries, a fascinating dynamic emerges between past cultural testimonies and contemporary artistic creation.

Bode-Museum Außenansicht
Bode-Museum Außenansicht © Scholvien

In her search for new models for her large-format works, Gail Rothschild came across the colourful, motif-rich tapestries from late ancient Egypt, which fascinated many important artists, art collectors, fashion designers and theatre people at the time of their discovery around 1900. With her monumental paintings, Gail Rothschild now transfers these everyday objects from late antiquity into the art of the 21st century. Only at first glance do her paintings look like copies, but they are works of art in their own right with a presence, dynamism and charisma all of their own. The juxtaposition with original textiles from antiquity creates a fascinating field of tension between testimonies of a past culture and contemporary artistic creation. Due to the size of the pictures, visitors cannot avoid taking a closer look at the small-format textile fragments. This offers the opportunity to experience them anew as masterpieces of handicraft and to learn about their everyday function and usability in the society of the time.
The exhibition is intended to contribute to the social discourse and to encourage people to engage with the long history of antique garments and furnishing textiles - from their production to their use as museum exhibits.
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