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The open-air exhibition "Blocked Victors - Divided Berlin. 75 Years of the Berlin Airlift" at Tempelhof Airport will be accompanied by an exciting program: at THFxLUFTBRÜCKE, historians, contemporary witnesses and publicists will take a look at the conditions at the time and show what role the Berlin Airlift plays in Berlin's culture of remembrance and also in literature.

In conversation with literary critic Thomas Wörtche, historian Matthias Heisig, one of the curators of the exhibition "Blocked Victors - Divided Berlin", will span the arc from the 1951 novel "Air Bridge" by British author Hammond Innes to the 2021 historical crime novel "Luftbrücke" by Harald Gilbers.

The THFxLUFTBRÜCKE event series by the Military History Museum of the Bundeswehr Berlin-Gatow Airfield, the Berlin-Karlshorst Museum and the Allied Museum is part of the THFxGESCHICHTE series by Tempelhof Projekt GmbH.

Language: German

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