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Aging is a creative process. Being grandparents and therefore belonging to the target group of grandchild scammers is also important. Whether it's writing or singing in the church choir: every beginning is difficult, and it takes years to become a master.

In »Remaining heroes in the evening light. “Notes from Aging” allows us to get to know and love people in a new way, with all the curiosities and catastrophes that growing older brings.

That evening, Gundel and Christoph Seidler will present the book and take a loving and critical look at the frail, twisted and crooked creatures to which we belong or will one day belong.

Christoph Seidler is a retired neurologist, psychoanalyst and passionate author. After the countless specialist texts of his professional life, he now writes fiction and essays. Most recently published »Declaration of Love. A couple tells stories” (2019) together with Gundel Seidler and “Why only war?” (2022).

Gundel Seidler studied German and English and worked for years as a sociotherapist in psychiatry. She writes poems and stories. Previously published are “Wide Open Windows” (1998), “The Door to the Court” (2001) and most recently “Declaration of Love.” A couple tells stories” (2019), together with Christoph Seidler.

(Program in German)