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Teresa Bergman, exceptional voice, guitarist and genre shifter, returns with her third studio album: "33, Single & Broke" - a title that is a statement, self-confession and wink at the same time. In principle, everything that the native New Zealander and Berliner by choice stands for with her music.

The result is an exciting album that can be celebrated as a jazzy folk-pop inferno, that demands something from you as poetic discourse pop, and that shines with contemporary chanson in a manner typical of Bergman.

You can look forward to songs that sometimes encourage you to dance and sometimes to revel and a singer who completely challenges her voice for her audience. So it's no surprise that in the press, live performances by Bergman are always described as true experiences.

One thing is certain: whoever goes to see Teresa Bergman live will leave the concert hall surprised, enchanted, thoughtful and enthusiastic afterwards.

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