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Four interlocking dance pieces

Welcome to a cosmic expanse - a realm where the fleeting passage of time escapes human influence. Thoughts about the future, which always evaporate, hang in the air like clouds of mist and obscure our perception of the present. And then there are those poignant feelings, the memories of moments past and forever lost, that invite us to reflect on the strange and enigmatic nature of time.

Allow yourself to view the inexorable march of time through the lens of change, where new perspectives cast past events in a light that allows for a deeper understanding of the diverse nature of our existence.

Four interlocking contemporary dance pieces take you on a journey that transcends the fragile and capricious boundaries between the past, the present and perhaps even the elusive realm of the future.

Duration: 75 minutes, 15 minute break after the first piece.
Additional information
Participating artists
Agata Kosek
Bresa Ayub
Callixte Iung
Elizaveta Sidorkova
Giulia Medini
Ilja Voronov
Kristina Nevidoma
Raissa Mamede
Raul Nahum Aranha
Stef Ulonska
Birke van Maartens
Lena Reyle
Luisa Winterfeld
Kenji Tanaka