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No other industrial settlement in the later district of Reinickendorf is likely to have had such a lasting influence on the development of the city as the relocation of A.Borsig's locomotive manufacturing plant to Tegel. However, F.A. Egells, who was attracted to the shores of Lake Tegel as early as 1838, at a time when Tegel was not yet accessible by public transport, may be regarded as a true pioneer of industrial settlement. It is also worth remembering Tegel's role as a supplier to the city of Berlin, with what was once the largest gasworks in Europe and the waterworks that still exist today.

Meeting point: Borsigwerke underground station, U6 underground line, Ernststraße exit.
Length approx. 3.8 km, 2 hours
Registration and contact: Tel.: 030/90294-6460,

Language: German