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SPAM - Spandau makes old music (festival):

The Munich chapel master Orlando di Lasso was already considered a "prince des musiciens" during his lifetime. At the end of the festival, his touching motets entitled "Lagrime di San Pietro" as well as works by his students Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli will be heard in St. Nikolai. With Capella de la Torre and the RIAS Kammerchor, two top Berlin ensembles will once again meet.

St. Nikolai Kirche in Spandau
St. Nikolai Kirche in Spandau visitBerlin, Foto Dagmar Schwelle

SPAM - Spandau makes early music (Festival)

Capella de la Torre & RIAS Chamber Choir, Conductor: Rinaldo Alessandrini

Duration: 150 min incl. intermission

SPAM - Spandau macht alte Musik is a project of the District Office Spandau of Berlin, Kulturamt Kulturhaus Spandau.
Additional information
Further information and tickets via, and ticket phone: 030 333 40 22.

Admission: central nave: 30,- € | side aisles: 25,- €
reduced: central nave: 25,- € | side aisles: 20,- €
Children: pupils 10,- €
St. Nikolai-Kirche Spandau