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In July, Sultana and Fat Freddy's Drop will visit Berlin's Waldbühne, one of the most beautiful open-air stages in the republic. Tash Sultana solo performances have always sold out immediately in recent years. So get your tickets!

Tash Sultana
Tash Sultana © Giulia Giannini McGauran

Tash Sultana x Fat Freddy's Drop

Tash Sultana's virtuoso mastery of instruments combined with the loop station is more audible today than ever. The tightness, the confidence in the brilliance of her own songs and the ever-changing improvisation and interpretation of the material date back to the days when she was making street music in her native Melbourne.

In addition to the furiously played guitar, a repertoire of almost ten other instruments from piano to trumpet and trombone to mandolin and percussion have been added. With this, Tash has recorded the great album "Terra Firma" in pandemic times almost all by himself and has thus gone completely new ways. Elaborately produced, great arranged and equipped with fine lyrics, it has become a masterpiece of self-liberation. It's no wonder that a cool MTV Unplugged album came out of it.

Thus Tash Sultana fits perfectly to the second musical highlight of the evening.

Fat Freddy's Drop show this feeling of floating, flying and gliding in their songs. The New Zealand collective combines all kinds of genres in their songs to a very individual sound. Their recipe is to put a lot of reverb and delay, a super tight and entertaining brass section, a fat funky rhythm section, a DJ and a cool singer in the middle of the stage. Add to that soul, reggae, dub, jazz, hip-hop beats and half a dozen other danceable musical genres, and you've always got a laid-back groove going on. No wonder Fat Freddy's Drop have been known for fabulous concerts for over two decades.

This joint concert evening on a perfect Berlin summer evening will be 100% more than perfect.

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