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On September 23, 2023, it's that time again: Berlin's Waldbühne will be lit up by 20,000 lights like a twinkling starry sky - because that's when the 23rd Berlin Torchlight Concert will take place. Only the eyes of the countless children shine even brighter, after all, for many it is the very first concert they get to attend together with their family.  And they never forget it.

KEY VISUAL Taschenlampenkonzert
KEY VISUAL Taschenlampenkonzert © Uwe Hauth

Flashlight concert

As the magical date draws to a close, it's time for everyone to turn on their flashlights!

It's time to sing along, dance around and sparkle for all you're worth! The band Rumpelstil invites fans young and old to a mixture of rock concert and night walk in the beautiful setting of the Waldbühne Berlin.

The interaction of adults and children is important to the four musicians of the band Rumpelstil. Children can wonder about adults, adults wonder about their children. That which is so often lost in everyday life. Rumpelstil songs are stunning and uplifting at the same time. They are demanding and that's what makes them so relaxing.

Rumpelstil songs are little nose pokes, ear worms, hugs, dream submarines and much more...We know lantern parades, candle festivals, bonfires, fireworks, we know what a rainy vacation is, but what is a flashlight concert?

This concert series was invented by the Berlin band Rumpelstil, to be precise, by the band's boss Jörn Brumme: "Flashlight concerts are evening concerts at special places with the very special band Rumpelstil. Concerts that start in the late summer evening light, end in flashlight light and are very suitable for children and adults with flashlights and a sense of adventure."

  • Flashlight Concert
  • September 23, 2023 | Waldbühne
  • Admission: 17:00 | Start: 19:00

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