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Despite the development and modernity that the world has reached and the openness and freedom we live in, we still till today immersed in the prohibitions that we are afraid to approach or talk about, as each of us has a special taboo that he is afraid to disclose it and always tries to stay away from it.

Uferstudios Guido Borgers

Tabu is a dance show that deals with the sexual, political, and religious aspect and the close link between the corners of this triangle that governs human beings, and has the greatest impact on all aspects of life.

Program of the day:

  • 11.00–11.30 Dance workshop
  • 12.00-15.00 sexist taboos
  • 15.30-16.00 Break
  • 16.30-19.30 political taboos
  • 19.30-20.00 Break
  • 20.00-23.00 religious taboos
Additional information
Funded by Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt.


Choreographer : Mohammed Diban | Production Manager: Hanjo Breddermann | Dancer: Samira Aakcha | Dancer: Bresa Ayub | Dancer: Joelle Haddad | Dancer: Yevanhelina Hranat | Dancer: Sham Hsnawi | Dancer: Nadin Marshy | Tänzerin:Dancer: Adele Medaa | Dancer: Ghenwa Razouk | Dancer: Frederikke Schultz-Jensen | Dancer: Carla Weber | Dancer: Mohmad Amin | Dancer: Ali Daas | Dancer: Kasper Jakobsen | Dancer: Fadi Waed | Dancer: Ahmad Ze Alnoun
Uferstudios - Uferstudio 14