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TANZ is the third part of the trilogy: Recovery, Apollon, TANZ. The trilogy deals with notions of practice through training of different physical disciplines on stage- focusing on investigations of how the body is cultivated, shaped and transformed and on the transmission of experience.

TANZ takes early 19th century romantic ballet as a starting point. It uses the frame of a ballet class guided by Beatrice Cordua, the first ballerina who danced the Sacre de Printemps naked (John Neumeier, 1972).

The performers undergo a rigorous training in action ballet, the so called sylphidic studies. Learning how to use their skills in a genre of spectacle that deals with supernatural creatures, they use the articulation of the dancer’s body as a tool to penetrate space in order to gain knowledge about flying.

Through techniques of restraint, they collectively practice to govern the body and mind. An ephemeral world – provoking an imminent possibility of perfection by transforming the gross into the sublime and making the functional more than functional.

In an operatic set up brutal parodies of established images of excitement found in ballet, comedy and pornography are made in order to be watched from afar and close. This industry of gaze finds its translation in the work of a porn producer who documents the performance from within.

With an all-female cast of twenty to eighty years old performers who represent different dance backgrounds, TANZ poses the question what ‘dancing the lineage’ means and how to reconcile with tradition in the territory of the nonverbal and its relationship to beauty.

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Participating artists
Josefin Arnell
Josefin Arnell
Fernando Belfiore
Mael Blau
Renée Copraij
Renée Copraij
Beatrice Cordua
Lydia Darling
Evelyn Frantti,
Jessyca R. Hauser
Florentina Holzinger
Nikola Knežević
Anna Leon
Almut Lustig
Annina Machaz
Anne Meeussen
Ghani Minne
Netti Nüganen
Sara Ostertag
Suzn Pasyon
Michele Rizzo
Stefan Schneider
Camilla Smolders
Laura Stokes
Veronica Thompson
Dave Tusk
Koen Vanneste
Stefanie Wieser
Luz de Luna Duran
Florentina Holzinger (Autor/in)
Josefin Arnell (Performance von und mit)
Renée Copraij (Performance von und mit)
Beatrice Cordua (Performance von und mit)
Evelyn Frantti, (Performance von und mit)
Lucifire (Performance von und mit)
Luz de Luna Duran (Performance von und mit)
Annina Machaz (Performance von und mit)
Netti Nüganen (Performance von und mit)
Suzn Pasyon (Performance von und mit)
Laura Stokes (Performance von und mit)
Stefanie Wieser (Performance von und mit)
Veronica Thompson (Performance von und mit)
Lydia Darling (Performance von und mit)
Florentina Holzinger (Konzept, Performance, Choreografie)
Josefin Arnell (Videodesign, Livekamera)
Jessyca R. Hauser (Videodesign, Livekamera)
Stefan Schneider (Sounddesign, Livemusik)
Anne Meeussen (Licht Design)
Nikola Knežević (Bühnendesign)
Camilla Smolders (Bühnenassistenz)
Koen Vanneste (Technische Assistenz)
Renée Copraij (Dramaturgie)
Sara Ostertag (Dramaturgie)
Ghani Minne (Coaching)
Dave Tusk (Coaching)
Almut Lustig (Musikcoach)
Michele Rizzo (Outside eye)
Fernando Belfiore (Outside eye)
Anna Leon (Theorie, Recherche)
Mael Blau (Beratung Kostüm, Schneider)