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The film by director Salomé Jashi, which premiered at the end of January 2021 at the Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for the European Film Prize in the same year, documents how a wealthy and influential man has old trees dug up along the Georgian coast to use in his private garden to plant.

This film presents itself like a poem - an ode to the rivalry between man and nature. A former prime minister of Georgia is purchasing ancient trees up to 15 stories tall along Georgia's coast to transplant into his private garden. In a complex and expensive process, the trees are removed from the ground and transported to his garden on a ferry across the Black Sea. The director Salomé Jashi accompanies this bizarre and harrowing process, but also provides an insight into the living conditions of a rural population on the outermost periphery of Europe. The film gives the concept of uprooting an oppressive, tangible and yet seemingly surreal reality.

(Film OwU)

Admission is free, registration is not required.
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Informationen zur Barrierefreiheit

The tree nursery on the Piazzetta can be reached barrier-free via a ramp. The pergola is located on a wooden platform and is not barrier-free accessible.