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evening tour through the special presentation "The Flower(s) of Classicism" with Eva Wollschläger, curator of the KPM archive, SPSG

An extraordinary table set with a flower-decorated, festive service from the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin (KPM) awaits visitors this summer in the Marble Palace in the New Garden.

The tableware made for King Friedrich Wilhelm II in 1795 not only set new artistic accents in the design of court service, it is also a testament to a politically turbulent time. Aan exclusive tour offers the opportunity to learn more about the background of this unusual service creation.

In the evening hours, the tour invites you to "Din" and gives an insight into the Prussian table culture: What were knife rests used for and why is the floral decoration called "fleurs en terrasse"?

After the tour, a small snack will be served in the summer café at the Egyptian portal of the Orangery in the New Garden, where you can end the evening with a refreshing drink.

(Program in German)
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Price: €15.00

Reduced price: €10.00